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Promessas utópicas de acabar com a fome, acabar com a pobreza podem atrapalhar.

Artigo sobre pobreza na revista Foreign Policy

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pobreza e Utopia na revista Foreign Policy

Um artigo sério sobre pobreza na revista Foreign Policy do economista William Easterly: The Utopian Nightmare. Está sendo divulgado hoje no site da excelente revista. Em resumo: a utopia de acabar com a pobreza só faz atrapalhar; é preciso ter os pés no chão.

This year, economists, politicians, and rock stars in rich countries have pleaded for debt relief and aid for the world’s poorest countries. It certainly sounds like the right thing to do. But utopian dreams of alleviating poverty overlook some hard facts. By promising so much, rich-world activists prolong the true nightmare of poverty.

The past has prepared all the materials and means in superabundance to well-feed, clothe, lodge, train, educate, employ, amuse, and govern the human race in perpetual progressive prosperity—without war, conflict, or competition between nations or individuals.”

These words were not uttered by a hopeful world leader at the most recent Group of 8 (G-8) summit, or by Bono at a rock concert—but they certainly sound familiar. They were written in 1857, when British reformer Robert Owen called upon rich countries, who could “easily induce all the other governments and people to unite with them in practical measures for the general good all through futurity.” Owen was laughed out of town as a utopian.

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