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Rio de Janeiro gets ready for Destinations 2005

Monday, September 12, 2005

On the last week of October, two major events will turn Rio de Janeiro into the world`s capital for sustainable tourism . From October 24 to 26, the city will host Destinations2005, the second Annual Summit of the World Tourism Forum for Peace and Sustainable Development, which will bring together more than 3,500 business leaders, government authorities, academics, researchers and NGO members from all over the world. Immediately after that, from October 26 to 30, Rio welcomes the Fair of the Americas 2005, the largest travel trade event of Latin America.

Destinations2005 will feature several new cases and experiences from different parts of the world, related to the World Tourism Forum`s cause: to develop tourism while fostering conditions for peace, economic and social development, biodiversity preservation and cultural diversity. Throughout the three-day summit, youths will be debated as a theme, and as agents and beneficiaries of initiatives aimed at sustainable practices involving tourism. Three additional specific themes, and their relationship to tourism and the Forum`s cause, will permeate the event: credit and micro credit, sports and culture.

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