Partido Trabalhista Inglês: Um Belo Exemplo

O Partido Trabalhista Inglês realiza sua conferência anual e temos aqui um discurso belíssimo de Gordon Brown com um excelente título: Politics as a Moral Duty. É de se notar a ênfase no ataque à pobreza e ao mesmo tempo o foco no lado moral. De certo modo: o Brasil ao inverso, o Brasil ao contrário. O Partido Trabalhista Inglês e o Partido dos Trabalhadores no Brasil - pobreza versus moral?
Politics as a moral duty
Published: September 26 2005

This is the full text (parcial aqui no blog!) of Chancellor Gordon Brown keynote address at Labour’s annual conference, Brighton, September 26 2005.

Let me first thank you, each of you, and through you the hundreds, the thousands, of Labour Party members for the work done, week in week out, year in year out, to secure a historic third term victory, a victory not just in Labour votes and in Labour seats: but a victory for our Labour values. And let us recognise the debt we owe to Tony Blair for this chievement. It was only because of our victory that yesterday on your behalf in Washington at the IMF and World Bank, Britain was able to propose and achieve for the poorest countries £55 billion of debts written off for ever, the delivery of debt cancellation of 100 per cent. And Hilary Benn and I want to thank you and the churches, faith groups, and all decent minded people committed to make poverty history. It is because of you that the world has come together to double aid to Africa. It is because of your commitment that within five years millions more aids sufferers will have help. It is because of your persistence that 11 European governments –and I am proud that Europe has led the way - are now pledged as we are to meet the UN target of 0.7 percent of national income spent on aid.

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