O Maior Defensor do PT... Ou Único!

Imprensa Cubana -como não poderia deixar de ser- defende o PT e acusa todos os outros "salvadores da pátria". O PT arrumou um único defensor: a imprensa cubana. A Prensa Latina diz o seguinte: "qualquer um que defenda a democracia tem de se opor a esta "blitz" da mídia que ataca o legítimo Governo de Lula".

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Brazilian Worker´s Party Fights Back

Rio de Janeiro, Sep 20 (PL) The Brazilian government´s leading Worker´s Party (PT) is slamming the opposition for its election-motivated criticism. It particularly says camps of corrupt former presidents Fernando Collor and Fernando Henrique Cardoso are turning the parliamentary investigation commissions into "personal promotion devoid of the search for truth."

The PT says these politicos got famous at a time when the Brazilian State was "most dilapidated, with savage privatizations, economic disorganization and serious cases of corruption," and are now trying to come off as "the nation´s new saviors." The ruling party claims they "combine correct information with falsehoods, half-truths and slander, and at the same time hold up the investigations." "We want unrestricted punishment for any lawbreakers," declared the PT, adding "anyone who defends democracy must oppose this media blitzing that attempts against the legitimate government of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva".

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