Larry Rohter do New York Times "Ataca" Outra Vez!

Ele está de volta hoje com toda força para colocar o Brasil nas folhas internacionais com o caso da freira Dorothy. O New York Times publica longa matéria dizendo que não fizeram nada sobre o caso de Dorothy Stang.
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Published: September 23, 2005

ANAPU, Brazil - At the jungle hamlet called Good Hope, faith in a better, safer future is fading. Seven months after the American nun who organized the settlement was shot to death, the conflicts over land ownership that led to her killing not only remain unresolved but are intensifying, Roman Catholic church leaders and peasant residents here maintain.

Dorothy Mae Stang, 74, born in Dayton, Ohio, who belonged to the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, is buried at the spot on the rutted road where on a Saturday morning in February gunmen opened fire, shooting her several times in the chest. But the Brazilian government's pledges to make land distribution fairer while it establishes its own authority in this violence-ridden corner of the Amazon have proved hollow.

Though army troops sent here after Sister Dorothy's killing still patrol the region, they are doing little to protect peasant settlers from the ranchers and loggers who are trying to push them off valuable land. The government's own land-reform agency complains of being handcuffed and still short of money and personnel, and local Catholic church leaders contend that even the legal proceedings in Sister Dorothy's case have failed to apprehend several of those involved. "Everything continues as if nothing had happened," said Bishop Erwin Krautler of the Xingu, as this region straddling the Trans-Amazon Highway is known.

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