Juros Para Dar e.... Vender

Bloomberg,já deu esta noticia. Agora é a Reuters. O Brasil está prometendo pagar quase 13% ao ano durante 10 anos. Isto dá mais de 2 bilhões de dólares de juros. Cada 1% a mais representa 20 milhões de dólares por ano ou 200 milhões de dólares no total. O Brasil está pagando um "prêmio" enorme fixo por dez anos para captar em reais.
BRASILIA, Brazil, Sept 19 (Reuters) - Brazil's Treasury on Monday launched its first global bond denominated in the national currency, the real, and several market sources said the 2016 maturity should yield between 12.75 percent and 12.875 percent. The same sources said demand was heavy and reached some $2 billion dollars.The Treasury did not say how much cash it hoped to raise or what the yield would be for the bond, having told the market more than a week ago that it was hoping to sell it.
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