Forma Russa de Combater a Corrupção

Colaboração do tradutor Antonio Braga para o blog do Cesar Maia

Olha aí uma idéia russa para combater a corrupção. Câmeras de vídeo acompanhando os contatos dos funcionários públicos com os empresários. A idéia é meio esquisita, mas revela como a coisa anda preta na Rússia - assim como no Brasil.

Video cameras to help fight corruption

MOSCOW, September 2 (RIA Novosti) - The authors of a new administrative reform to fight corruption have chosen such means as restricting officials' contacts with businessmen outside state institutions and video surveillance. Experts described the initiative as humiliating and hopeless in a respected business daily on Friday.

Vedomosti wrote that the Trade and Economic Development Ministry had prepared the concept of the 2006-2008 reform. Its authors said Russia was situated in the last third of the World Bank's rankings of 209 countries in terms of the main indicators of state governance quality. In 2004, Transparency International, a non-government organization seeking to combat corruption, put Russia in 90th place among 146 countries in its corruption perception index.

Surveys conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Foundation reveal that 71% of Russians are negative about the work of state officials, and 76% have encountered corruption. "The system of state governance has become a factor restricting the country's further successful development and full use of its potential," the new concept said.

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