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Bush: Negativo 58%. Positivo 40%. Condoleezza a única com avaliação positiva de 57%!


Poll Shows Bush Approval Ratings
Sink to Lowest Point in Presidency

August 24, 2005

President Bush's job approval ratings are at their lowest point of his presidency as only 40% of U.S. adults have a favorable opinion of his job performance and 58% have a negative opinion, according to a Harris Interactive poll.

This is a decline from just two months ago in June when the president's ratings were 45% positive and 55% negative. Much of this decline can be tied to the public's opinion on important issues. The war in Iraq has climbed to the top of a list of issues Americans say it's most important for the U.S. to address and the economy is now viewed as the second most important issue, according to the poll.

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