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Brazil: Arrest of Oliverio Medina

08/29/2005 10:44

Brazil has two ways open: to defend what is right and just or to bend before fascist pressure exerted by the government of Columbia and the Bush regime

Father Oliverio was arrested on Thursday 25th August in Brazil under an order issued by minister Gilmar Mendes of the Supreme Federal Court, waiting now for extradition to Columbia, where he is accused of homicide, terrorism and connections to FARC, Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia. Alberto Lasserre, the coordinator of Interpol in Brazil, declared yesterday to the press that Oliverio Medina is the press attache for FARC and is also known as Francisco Cadena, Camilo Lopes and El Cura, and that he is being transferred from Sao Paulo to Brasilia to await extradition to Columbia.

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